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Handsets – 5200 Series – Features


IP Phones – SMT-i5200 Series

  • Award Winning Design
  • Presence, Scheduler, and UC Solutions.
  • Superior video solution (Push video, VCS).
  • G.722 Wide-band codec, Wide-band handset, mic and speaker.
  • Open API based on XML browser.
  • Voice/video recording.
  • Security capable of sRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol)
Enjoy full Unified Communication features with the easy-to-control Samsung IP Phones. Integrated with a PC, Samsungs IP Phone Series provides enhanced multimedia UC solutions such as Presence, Scheduler, Instant Messaging and Video. The SMT-i5200 series have a significant competitive advantage in video solutions and recording, as well as being an award winning modern design.

XML Browser Capability

The SMT-i5243 supports the XML Open Interface allowing 3rd party applications to push through to the rich colour display of the phone. Surrounding the screen are 10 context buttons allowing users to interact with the award winning user interface or any bespoke XML software application. In addition, the phone supports high definition video streaming directly into the screen.

UC Dial

Screen customisation

Screen customisation is just one of the added features on the SMT-i5243, the colour LED screen enables the user to customise the screen content, whether its displaying the company logo or products, or just putting up your latest holiday snaps, the customisation tool enables the user to make full use of the colour screen.
Uploading can be done through the use of OfficeServ Communicator, an application installed on your desktop or via the USB port on the side of the phone.

Toll Fraud Secure Solution

Open Standards based IP voice connections are increasingly under attack by hackers presenting potential risks in your business adopting VoIP technologies.

Offering one of the most secure VoIP option in the market against toll fraud, all Samsung IP Terminals supports sRTP (Secure Real Time Protocol) encrypting speech and IP Address Secure within the OfficeServ platform. These technologies block rogue attempts to use genuine users account details (if known) to connect to the system and make calls using your phone lines.

SMT-5230 Self labelling

Self Labelling

The SMT-i5230 has been designed to give full flexibility to the user, the self labelling function on this model means the user no longer has to write on a piece of paper and constantly change it when an extension number or contact changes. This unique feature enables the user to prgramme up to 99 keys via an LCD screen.

UC Dial

Unified Communication Dial

The UC (Unified Communication) integration to OfficeServ Collaboration application via its centrally mounted UC dial which allows the user to dial in their availability, out of office or in meeting status which is instantly visually reported to other users via a buddy list on another user phones or via the OfficeServ Communicator desktop collaboration module. Switch from active to busy to do not disturb with a turn of the dial.

Superior Connectivity – Superior Quality

As standard the phone is equipped with dual Ethernet ports allowing the handset and data equipment to connect via a single CAT5 connection. To reduce the requirement for power sockets and additional cables support of Power Over Ethernet (PoE) is standard. If running voice and data on the same network, i5200 series supports both data priority and voice tagging capabilities allowing suitably equipped networks to apply full QoS (Quality Of Service) maintaining crystal clear speech quality. Furthermore, the i5200 series supports Packet Loss Correction (PLC) technology and the capability to select the best speech compression based on the available bandwidth if calling a colleague in the office over the local network or remotely over the public internet.


VPN Capability

Through use of its unique remote deployment technology, the Samsung SMT- i5200 series of IP phones can be easily deployed at any remote location allowing Tele-Working across the public Internet, without the additional requirement, cost or complexity of a hardware VPN. The SMT – i5200 will self configure back to the OfficeServ system when connected to an Internet or private network connection, (a VPN is not required, but SMT – i5200 series can also work via a customer provided VPN) without the need and cost of local technical assistance. When deployed remotely, i5200 becomes a seamless extension of the OfficeServ, supporting all system features including, paging, voicemail, desk to desk dialling, trunk access directory dialling and desktop application integration.


Flexible design

Flexible design allows the handset to be positioned at 30 degrees and 60 degrees on your desk or if required wall mounted without requiring any further hardware or adaptors. (Please note that the 5210 and 5230 IP handsets require a wall mount bracket that is not supplied in the box. The bracket can be ordered from your supplier).

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