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Eircom Telephone Systems

Looking for Eircom Telephone Systems business telephones?   At Qtel, we provide full maintenance and service to all Eircom Business Systems. Eir fixed line connection ensures your business is reachable through a connection that can be used forphone, fax or email.   About Us QTel based in Dublin is a innovative and progressive company that was set up during the recession when a gap in the area of “Value for Money” in Telecommunications for …Read More

PBX system How can it benefit my business?

What is PBX PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, it is a private telephone network used within a company. Users of the PBX phone system share a number of outside lines to make external phone calls. A lot of customers using an IP Private Branch Exchange continue using their existing analog phone lines but integrate them into their LAN by using a VoIP gateway. There are two main advantages in switching …Read More

Top tips: Samsung Officeserv business telephone systems

Samsung Officeserv business telephone systems are some of the most versatile phones that can be found on the market today. However, most people use Samsung Officeserv just to make pone and receive calls and do not know that there is so much more that can be done with these powerful phone systems and get more value for the money spent on these phones. Purchasing Samsung Officeserv business telephone systems is …Read More

Time To Upgrade Your Business Phone System?

Evolution affects your business phone system as well as other obsolete tools. Gone are the fax machines, scanners.  Today’s technology is so fast that many businesses tools are being replaced with modern tools. According to technology experts landlines will be defunct. Are you ready to make some changes? We have compiled a list of the most common five warning signs that tells when you need to update your business phone …Read More

Phone System. How to Choose the Right one for your Business?

The phone system of your company is paramount to communicate with your customers and your suppliers. Although electronic communication is now widely used, phones are still one of the easiest ways to communicate with the world to conduct daily transactions. Selecting the right business phone system involves important decisions. If the wrong system is selected, it can have financial and operational implications. Making the right decision means looking at the …Read More

VoIP service: 4 Tips will help you to make the most of a VoIP system

Voip service tips! After reviewing the many benefits VoIP has to offer, you may have decided that VoIP service is the service for you and you’re looking to switch. Here are some top tips to help you overcome any potential hurdles and make the most of your new VoIP system: Not sure about installation, contact an expert. VoIP systems can be relatively straightforward to install in small businesses with limited …Read More

Voip ireland – Are you looking to save costs while expanding your Empire? Telephone systems dublin

Attention Irish Business Owners!! Voip Ireland “Are you looking to save costs while expanding your Empire” QTEL has a solution for you, upgrade and save! Weather your starting up a new business or a longstanding company that has withheld the current recession in Ireland you need to always be looking at ways to Save, Save, Save on costs. Here in QTEL we do just that. Currently we are meeting with …Read More

Avaya Partner

QTEL is now an Avaya partner. Offering a range of advanced telecommunication options for your business going forward. Call us on 01 90 111 90 to discuss your options.

Handsets – 5200 Series – Specifications

Model Name SMT-i5210 SMT-i5220 SMT-i5230 SMT – i5243 SMT- i5264 LCD 2.8″ 128 x 64 pixels, Mono 3.2″ 128 x 64 pixels, Mono 3.2″ 128 x 64 pixels, Mono 4.3″ 480 x 272 pixels, Colour NA Back-Light Y N Y Y NA Fixed Function keys 11 11 11 11 0 Context sensitive Keys 3 4 4 10 0 Programmable keys/BLF 14/14 24/24 7/LCD 14/14 64/64 Navigation button Y Y Y …Read More

Handsets – 5200 Series – Features

IP Phones – SMT-i5200 Series Award Winning Design Presence, Scheduler, and UC Solutions. Superior video solution (Push video, VCS). G.722 Wide-band codec, Wide-band handset, mic and speaker. Open API based on XML browser. Voice/video recording. Security capable of sRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) Enjoy full Unified Communication features with the easy-to-control Samsung IP Phones. Integrated with a PC, Samsungs IP Phone Series provides enhanced multimedia UC solutions such as Presence, …Read More