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Phone System. How to Choose the Right one for your Business?

The phone system of your company is paramount to communicate with your customers and your suppliers. Although electronic communication is now widely used, phones are still one of the easiest ways to communicate with the world to conduct daily transactions.

Selecting the right business phone system involves important decisions. If the wrong system is selected, it can have financial and operational implications. Making the right decision means looking at the future and plan in advance.

Here’s what you Need to Consider when Choosing a Phone System.

  1. Consider your business plan. How many staff members will need a phone line in two or three years? Simple phone systems can be installed by anyone with the purchase of phone equipment at the local store. However, if you plan to hire more staff because your business is growing, you will need to reconsider this solution.
  2. Decide on important features needed. Do you need a receptionist or an auto-response to reach your customers? Do you need conference calling or call forwarding? Make a list of features you need and use it as a guideline to compare different systems.
  3. Select the technology you need. Private Branch Exchange (PBX) works on a primary equipment that accepts lines from the utility company. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) do not use phone lines or special equipment. Each phone is plugged into an internet connection. PBX can be expensive and hard to program but additional phones are not expensive. VOIP systems are easy to use but each handset can be more expensive.
  4. Before you purchase and make decisions, determine how simple is it to add new lines and new features. Many systems can be changed only with the help of technicians and this can be fairly expensive.
  5. Select the system that is more user friendly and adapts to your business needs. Also, enquire about ongoing service costs as these can be unsustainable in the long term and can be avoided by talking to a professional first.

Phone System
If you need help choosing the right telephone system for your business talk to Qtel. We have 30 years experience and we partner with leading providers to design and implement phone systems to suit your business needs.

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