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The Compact Communicator for Homes and Small Offices


PROTON is a compact PBX for small offices, home offices, restaurants and clinics. It offers efficient call management and cost-effective communication. Pre-loaded with value added features, PROTON reduces telephony costs and enhances productivity. PROTON is available in three options with 1 to 3 trunk lines connectivity and 3 to 8 analog extensions.

Key Features

Abbreviated Dialing
Store frequently used numbers in the system memory and dial using convenient and easy to remember codes.

Allowed and Denied List
Identify and categorize specific numbers in allowed and denied list for each extension. Avoid misuse of extensions for local, mobile or long distance calls.

Auto Call Back
Station user need not keep dialing a busy station repeatedly. By this feature the user automatically gets connected as and when the called person becomes free.

Auto Redial
Redial a busy external number and notify a user when it gets through. Thus this saves valuable time and effort to call a busy external number.

Call Duration Control
Disconnect any ongoing call when the duration of conversation exceeds from a specific time limit. This function reduces long and unnecessary phone calls and keeps the expenses of telecommunication in check.

Call Pick-Up
A convenience feature to answer a call on any extension from own extension without physically going to ringing extension.

Call Toggle
User can switch between two different conversations by pressing flash key.

Enable team work and enhance communication by including three persons in a single conversation.

Direct Inward Dialing
Frequent Callers can reach desired station by dialing the station number. In this feature system will perform the task of an operator.

Dynamic Extension Locking
This feature automatically locks the extension for STD or any trunk after a pre-defined time to avoid misuse of the trunk lines.

External Call Forward
Do not miss any important call when you are out of the office or after working hours. All the calls on desk phone can be forwarded to home or mobile number.

Executive/Secretary Feature
Using this feature all the calls on Boss’s extension are transferred via secretary’s extension.

Walk-in Class of Service
User can make calls from any extension in office as per toll control level allocated for his desk phone.


PROTON103 – Analog PBX with 1 CO Line and 3 Extensions

PROTON206 – Analog PBX with 2 CO Lines and 6 Extensions

PROTON308 – Analog PBX with 3 CO Lines and 8 Extensions


Specifications PROTON103 PROTON206 PROTON308
Analog Trunks 1 2 3
Analog Extensions 3 6 8
Input Power Supply 230VAC, 50Hz 90-265VAC, 47-63Hz 90-265VAC, 47-63Hz
Power Consumption(Typical) 10W 10W 10W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 17×23.5x6cm6.69″x9.25″x2.36″ 26x28x7.5cm10.2″x11″x2.95″ 26x28x7.5cm10.2″x11″x2.95″
Weight 2kg (4.4lbs) 2kg (4.4lbs) 2kg (4.4lbs)
Operating Temperature 0° to 45°C 0° to 45°C 0° to 45°C
Operating Humidity 0-95% Non-condensing 0-95% Non-condensing 0-95% Non-condensing


44 Ashington Court,
Navan Road,
Dublin 7

Telephone: +353 1 901 1190 Direct e-Mail: info@qtel.ie