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Top tips: Samsung Officeserv business telephone systems

Samsung Officeserv business telephone systems

Samsung Officeserv business telephone systems are some of the most versatile phones that can be found on the market today. However, most people use Samsung Officeserv just to make pone and receive calls and do not know that there is so much more that can be done with these powerful phone systems and get more value for the money spent on these phones.

Purchasing Samsung Officeserv business telephone systems is a long term investment. But what exactly can you do with them?

 Samsung Officeserv business telephone systems: benefits

  1. Call pairing. Thanks to Samsung Officeserv call pairing feature you can pair your mobile phone with your desk telephone number and you will no longer miss an important business phone call.
  2. Call record. This a very useful feature if you need to remember important points if you did not have time to write down or if you did have no pen and paper available. Note that you will need to ask permission before you record the call.
  3. Direct in dial numbers. Officeserv have a direct in dial number feature which means that each employee in your organisation gets a direct phone number thus bypassing the operator and receptionists.
  4. IP Phone. This feature enables you to stay connected even when you are not in the office and work as part of your office telephone systems thanks to data and voice networks convergence.
  5. Softphone. This program can be installed on your laptop and can be used to make calls like you were in the office.


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