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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is technology that allows you to make telephone calls using the internet (or private network) connection, typically a broadband connection, instead of standard phone lines. The packet technology used in VoIP makes more efficient use of communication channels than traditional telephony, which dedicates a distinct voice channel to each individual conversation that is underway.

Cost Savings

One of VoIP’s main benefits is that it can significantly reduce the cost of calls, especially over long distance. And because VoIP uses an internet connection there are no line rental charges.

Your telephone system may already be prepared for VOIP but in any case, your equipment supplier will be able to arrange the necessary configuration. Just select a plan based on an estimate of your requirements, sign up, and an Email containing the necessary ID and password will be sent to you. This information is used to establish the initial connection and it’s as simple as that. Now just make calls as normal.


TheVoice over IP is quickly becoming the standard for voice communications. With new services such as Instant Messaging and Video Calling over IP, the features VoIP offers compared to traditional telephony are beneficial to all business sizes. The other more popular reasons for choosing VoIP are:

Cost Savings

The main driving force for companies utilising VoIP is substantial cost savings. Savings of up to 95% can be achieved compared to using old telephone lines, Analogue or ISDN. As VoIP uses your internet connection to carry call traffic, we are eliminating the need for dedicated copper cable paths, which is both a cost to us, in carrier charges and to you, in the form of line rental. The end termination is similar but we don’t pay 3rd party providers for the use of the cable, and so do not need to pass that cost on to you.

Number Portability / Future-proofing

Moving office location is something most companies do at least once. Changing numbers often leads to disruption & loss of business. The expense of printing new business cards, headed paper, forwarding old lines to new numbers & information line services all add up too. With VoIP, all your numbers, Direct Dial included, are fully portable to any location with internet access.

Global Communications

VoIP is not limited to one location. A company can have several offices with IP links, home workers & remote sites with IP Telephones, warehouses with wireless handsets and road warriors with laptop Softphones, all linked together under one central umbrella; Qtel. Free calling between each user, and more importantly the ability to reach the correct person at the touch of a button, is a priceless feature.

Brian Dunleavy,
Managing Director Qtel

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