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Voip ireland – Are you looking to save costs while expanding your Empire? Telephone systems dublin

Attention Irish Business Owners!! Voip Ireland

Are you looking to save costs while expanding your Empire”

QTEL has a solution for you, upgrade and save!

Weather your starting up a new business or a longstanding company that has withheld the current recession in Ireland you need to always be looking at ways to Save, Save, Save on costs.

Here in QTEL we do just that. Currently we are meeting with both existing and new customers to talk about VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) – Voip ireland. Voip Ireland

So I hear you ask “what’s that??” and “how can that save me money?” – Voip Ireland

The answers are simple; firstly it keeps communication start up costs to a minimum and has a reliable and cost effective telephone service. Its not brand new either its been the best kept secret of successful business across the nation and the world. With the improved broadband services in Ireland now it makes it a lot more accessible.

So here are some of the benefits of VoIP: Voip ireland

  • Expanding the Team – You can add new extensions and numbers to the directory with ease. The good news is that there’s no extra set up costs either. Voip Ireland
  • Broadening your horizons – Time to think BIG!! The destination you decide. It maybe that you want to have offices around the island or even the globe and to have them communicating at a very low cost to you with very cost efficient calls.
  • Working on the GO…. Anywhere ,Anytime! – As VoIP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_over_IP) is entirely Internet based you can make and receive calls wherever you are once you have access to an internet connection (and that’s a lot of places!). This brings working from home to a whole new level be it your office in Cannes, Florida or even Necker Island, the choice is yours.

DS-5014DwebVoip ireland - Telephone systems IrelandVoip ireland

Still confused???? Let me break it down in a table for you – VoIP v’s PSTN (Public Switch Telecom Network) – www.Qtel.ie

Connection Internet Connection – Voip Ireland Dedicated telephone lines
Required Bandwidth Average is 10kbps each direction Average is 64kbps each direction
Scalability An upgrade would mean more bandwidth and some simple software updates An upgrade would require you to purchase more hardware and dedicated lines can be costly
Remote Extensions This is a standard feature of VoIP This would require dedicated lines for each extension and can be very pricey
Call Waiting Free call waiting Available at an extra cost
Call Forwarding Free call forwarding Available at an extra cost
Emergency Calls Available and location traceable Available and location traceable
Pricing Free VoIP to VoIP calls, but calls to mobile and landline phones have a low subscription fee No Free Calls. Calls are at a much higher rate and international calls can be very costly

Am I explaining myself clearly? If not and you need more information check out our website at www.Qtel.ie . Also you can give Brian or Noel a call to discuss your saving options, and see what solution suits you. If you decide to stay with your PSTN line we can help you look at ways to save money, knowing every little bit helps. Remember all those cents add up to EUROS!!

So give us a call on 01 90 111 90. Voip Ireland

Current discounts available on all new and existing customers to QTel switching to VoIP. Voip ireland

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