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VoIP service: 4 Tips will help you to make the most of a VoIP system

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Voip service tips!

After reviewing the many benefits VoIP has to offer, you may have decided that VoIP service is the service for you and you’re looking to switch. Here are some top tips to help you overcome any potential hurdles and make the most of your new VoIP system:

Not sure about installation, contact an expert.

VoIP systems can be relatively straightforward to install in small businesses with limited connections. However, for larger SMEs and businesses or indeed if you are doubtful in your abilities to install a system yourself, you should always contact a VoIP expert.

VoIP systems will work best if installed and configured by experts, they can also implement structured cabling systems to keep wiring in order.

Test it before rolling it out.

Instead of switching your company over all at once, it is advised to test a VoIP service with a few selected users for a trial period. Once you’re satisfied, you can then extend it to other employees. Any potential problems will be flagged during this trial and your VoIP vendor can address these prior to a full roll out.

  • It is advised to keep your traditional phone system as a backup during the transition.

Set up call forwarding.

It pays to be prepared and call forwarding is a great precautionary tool. Although highly unlikely, if your power is cut, or your computer network goes down, your VoIP service may be affected. Call forwarding is an excellent backup feature. You can configure your VoIP service to automatically forward unanswered calls to a mobile, landline number or voicemail to ensure contact with clients and employees is maintained.

Secure your network.

Make sure your network security is thorough and up to date. This relates to VoIP but also just as a general rule operating a business in the digital age.

Hackers and bugs constantly seek to undermine your network so you must protect and secure your network. This ensures a more efficient VoIP experience and provides many benefits to your business.

As VoIP technology continues to evolve and grow. New benefits are becoming apparent for small businesses constantly. For example, many new wireless PDA/phone combination devices enable you to connect to wifi networks and use your VoIP service to aid be business man on the go.

VoIP is provided through data plans when wifi is not available on mobile devices. This allows a massive increase in mobility and visible decreases in your mobile data charges.

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